Sunday, July 11, 2004

Hot leads

Any blogger bothering you lately? Zap an email ( or post Anon with the dirt. We're here to serve.

Payback for Trolls

When I first started visiting blogs three years ago, I noticed a trend. If my view was different from theirs, you were labeled a troll. The breakdown in communication began there, with that single hurtful label. At first it bothered me to be called a troll, but now I embrace it.

If you disagree with someone in their precious and delicate little blogosphere, you face being edited, deleted, and eventually banned by the petty whining bitches that "pay the bills." It's as though these Brownshirts just want to take a dump on the Constitution then wipe their ass with the American Flag. Well, I'm fed up. It's time for payback.

This blog is here for a "free exchange" of ideas amongst my fellow trolls. I will keep an open thread going called "Hot Leads" for any asshole blogger you want myself and our minions to visit. I hope fellow bloggers, not just trolls, will utilize the services of our blog as well. Somebody on your nerves? Don't want to do the dirty work yourself? Well, let us. Zap an email or post Anon with the dirt and we'll take care of business.

Troll on!

Time for the Troll Offensive

Every moron with an internet connection has decided to own his piece of the net. They set up a blog, rant on absolutely ridiculous claims, ask for comments, then edit or delete anything they don't agree with. They stomp their feet like schoolyard pantywaists while hiding behind the assumed power of "An Internet God". Time to turn the tide.

Have a blog that pisses you off? Just leave it here. Have a few minutes on your hands? Browse the target list and go tell a few idiots what you think of them, their views, and their blog.